Meet Anubhav Wadhwa: A 17-year-old Whose Indian Startup Made To UN’s Top-50 List

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Anubhav Wadhwa, a 17-year-old schoolboy led a green revolution startup and entered the first edition of the Youth Solutions report of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network for his startup named Tyrelessly.

His startup company Tyrelessly recycles used tyres to produce biofuel and other by-products. The Youth Solutions report is a United Nations program that will showcase achievements of young people all over the world and help them to draw opportunities from potential supporters. Tyrelessly is one among such to enter the first 50 edition by the UN.

Anubhav Wadhwa was born on 21 March 1999 in Gurugram and is a student of Pathways World School, Haryana. He is also a member of the student council. He got this idea of Tyrelessly when was returning back home from school and saw a group of people burning tyres to produce heat. As this produced lots of smoke which was hazardous to the environment, he instantly got the idea of recycling the tyres, hence Tyrelessly was born. Anubhav set up an end of life tyre aggregator working through an efficient platform.

Tyrelessly, an online platform will dictate the vehicle owners to follow simple steps to have their vehicle’s ‘End Of Life’ tyres to be disposed of safely. This startup will also notify their customers after the disposal of their tyres.

Anubhav Wadhwa is not only the founder of his startup Tyrelessly but also the CEO and Founder of software solutions TechAPTO. He designs websites for many companies and saw his name entered as the Youngest Indian CEO in 2013.


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