Virtual Smart Phone

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For every leaving specie communication is a way by which they share/pass their thoughts/fillings to one another. We homosepians mainly use verbal communication to communicate with each other. In this Paper we introduce VSP, a Virtual Smart Phone which is basically a step to connect both the Physical and virtual world, by using a tiny projector, Camera, Speaker, mike & Cloud Computing Technology over the internet in the form of wearable device. In VSP all the required component are fabricated in the wearable device by which use communicate with the help of natural hand gesture, Hand movement and Internet. In VSP user communicate with each other by Virtual mobile phone with the help of touch gesture radio wave and cloud computing technology.

VSP will end the physical dependency of mobile phone. VSP provide novel interaction method to seamlessly communicate with each other in a fun and intuitive way. The user can touch their Palm to make call and can also be used for watching movies or Images on their Palm/wrist. Touch gesture is used for making and Terminating the call. VSP uses touch-based interactions as instruction for establishing communication between the different users.

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