Telemedicine Systems

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Many patients with diseases difficult to diagnose and treat come to hospitals for medical help, and the cost of traveling and accommodation is high for them, especially for those from the poor or remote border areas.
As networks become more advanced and increase in speed, various energetic activities have begun to emerge. New networks will cause a major revolution in society, and one area, which is expected to be an effective application of new networks, is telemedicine. In general, Telemedicine can be defined as the delivery of health care and sharing of medical knowledge over a distance using telecommunication means. Telemedicine provides medical information exchange at a distance, to support medical procedure, with the ultimate goal for improving community health care. In these experiments, integrated functions such as the transmission of medical images, collaboration and video conferencing, and provided superb human interfaces for telemedicine.
As high-speed broadband networks spread, telemedicine support functions and areas where telemedicine services are available will increase. In the medical field, the emergence of a new format for medicine is expected, to include an equalization of opportunities to receive advanced medical treatment, and providing exacting medical care by linking hospitals and clinics.

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