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Innoovatum Engineering & Technology LLP is an Software & Technology Company located in Bangalore & Vijayapura, recognized by Startup India and incubated by under Govt of Karnataka startup initiative.

Featured in India Book of Records for successfully hosting world's biggest Website development Workshop at NIE Mysore, and in TIME & Entrepreneur Magazine & many more leading national media channels for outstanding impact on engineering community for success in college placements & students mentoring through practical workshops.

12,000+ Students trained
20+ University MoU's
1000+ Students placed
100+ Workshop
3 Worlds Biggest Workshops
18.5 LPA Highest Package Achieved
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Workshop Outcomes & Our Pledges


Tailored for engineering and computer science institutions, our Technology Workshops blend theory and practical skills, preparing students for success in campus drives and placements. Join us to bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world application for a transformative learning journey in the tech industry.

Basics to Industry Relevance

Power Boost: "Fueling the journey from basics to brilliance, our workshops bridge the gap between foundational knowledge and industry-ready proficiency."

In-depth Exploration with Practical Implementation

Power Boost: "Dive deep into the technological abyss with hands-on exploration, transforming theoretical insights into tangible skills that set you apart in the tech arena."

Hands-on Applications Development

Power Boost: "Unleash your creativity and coding prowess as you embark on a journey of hands-on applications development, turning concepts into tangible solutions."

Value Certification for Participants

Power Boost: "Seal your journey with a mark of distinction. Every participant receives a value certification, acknowledging their dedication and proficiency in the tech realm."


Embark on an immersive learning journey with our workshops – 10% theory, 90% practical application. From foundational concepts to real-world relevance, delve into creating applications and engaging in lively discussions. Witness a workshop where learning seamlessly transforms into hands-on creation.

Real-world Case Studies

Power Boost: "Witness the power of theory meeting reality through gripping case studies, providing a front-row seat to real-world applications and their transformative impact."

Group Discussions and Brainstorming Sessions

Power Boost: "Forge connections, share insights, and elevate your understanding through engaging group discussions and brainstorming sessions that spark innovation."

Outcome: Application Developed by Participants

Power Boost: "The proof is in the application! Each workshop's crowning achievement is the tangible application developed by our participants, a testament to their hands-on mastery."

Networking Opportunity with Working Professionals

Power Boost: "Open the doors to unparalleled networking opportunities, connecting aspiring minds with seasoned professionals, creating a synergy that transcends the workshop."


Workshop Domains

Innoovatum workshops enhance students' tech skills, boost institutional profile, and aid NAAC accreditation, emphasizing commitment to holistic development and industry-aligned education, acknowledged by the Indian Book of Records.

Offline/Online 1 day College 15k ₹
One Day Intensive Practical Web Development & Hosting Workshop

Master web development in a day, culminating in a live website—your showcase of newfound skills for your resume

Offline/Online 1 day College 15k ₹
One Day Practical Machine Learning Models Implementation & Development Workshop

Explore AI hands-on, building models for real-world impact in a transformative workshop that unlocks the vast potential of machine learning.

Offline/Online 1 day College 15k ₹
One Day immersive Dynamic Web Application Development using Python-Django Framework

Immerse yourself in dynamic web app development; our engineers guide you from Python-Django basics to hosting your own application.

Innoovatum Tech Mastery Across Geographies

Workshops Unleashed Beyond

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Secure your workshop dates now to ensure your community thrives where learning meets excellence. Shape tech-savvy leaders and position your institution at the forefront of educational innovation. Book today for a future filled with achievement and cutting-edge expertise!.

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