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👋 Welcome fellow Around the country we know, most of engineering graduates after graduation will spent six month or one year thinking about their career and in job search, here are some tips which will helps you to make better decision before graduation and industry ready once you graduate.

  1. Try to learn things as much as possible practically: Learning things practically gives you perfect


understanding of concepts, and a good command over subject. Even learning things practically will have a advantage of no by-hearting the study stuff, as our brain keeps the things in memory which we learn through comprehension.


  1. Learn and master a technology which suits your passion: Irrespective of your  chosen  branch  of


engineering, learn and find out technology in our chosen field of endeavor which will stir your blood and mind to create new things. Make a list of current courses or technologies of our engineering branches, select one and start learning them practically instead of learning them after completion of engineering.


  1. Be a voluntary or member of college curriculums: Being a part of college curriculums as a voluntary will help you in developing your personality and interpersonal skills which will prove useful in various steps of interview. And you will learn how to manage and organize the things in well defined manner.


  1. 4. Do your academic projects on your own: Whom to blame………? It is the biggest mistake almost every


engineering student will do by outsourcing the final year academic projects or by buying them. As per our engineering education system it’s very difficult to do projects on your own, but still we believe a engineering student can do anything if he wills as we are living in information age, information and resources are easily available now. Doing your academic projects on your own with professional help will give a confidence of accomplishing things by learning on your own


  1. Build professional network with friends and seniors


  1. Do research on your interested topic and publish your technical papers on that topic


  1. Study your favorite companies profile and there industry requirements

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