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id Title Technology Implementation
1 A Practical Public Key Encryption Scheme Based on Learning Parity with Noise Cloud Computing Java
2 An Approach to Balance Maintenance Costs and Electricity Consumption in Cloud Data Centers Cloud Computing Java
3 CLASS: Cloud Log Assuring Soundness and Secrecy Scheme for Cloud Forensics Cloud Computing Java
4 Integrated Authentication and Key Agreement Framework for Vehicular Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Java
5 A Power-of-Two Choices Based Algorithm for Fog Computing Cloud Computing Java
6 virtFlow: Guest Independent Execution Flow Analysis Across Virtualized Environments Cloud Computing Java
7 Adaptive Resource Management for Analyzing Video Streams from Globally Distributed Network Cameras Cloud Computing Java
8 Adaptive Resource Management for Analyzing Video Streams from Globally Distributed Network Cameras Cloud Computing Java
9 Enhancing Performance and Energy Efficiency for Hybrid Workloads in Virtualized Cloud Environment Cloud Computing Java
10 Minimal Cost Server Configuration for Meeting Time-Varying Resource Demands in Cloud Centers Cloud Computing Java
11 Aggregation-Based Colocation Datacenter Energy Management in Wholesale Markets Cloud Computing
12 Provably secure and lightweight identity-based authenticated data sharing protocol for cyber-physical cloud environment Cloud Computing Java
13 Energy Efficient Scheduling of Servers with Multi-Sleep Modes for Cloud Data Center Cloud Computing Java
14 A tight estimate of job completion time in vehicular clouds Cloud Computing Java
15 HealthDep: An Efficient and Secure Deduplication Scheme for Cloud-Assisted eHealth Systems Cloud Computing Java
16 An Efficient and Fair Multi-Resource Allocation Mechanism for Heterogeneous Servers Cloud Computing Java
17 Dynamic VM Scaling: Provisioning and Pricing through an Online Auction Cloud Computing Java
18 Price-based Resource Allocation for Edge Computing: A Market Equilibrium Approach Cloud Computing Java
19 Efficient Resource Allocation for On-Demand Mobile-Edge Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Java
20 An Efficient and Secured Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Java
21 Efficient Traceable Authorization Search System for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing Java
22 A Robust Formulation for Efficient Application Offloading to Clouds Cloud Computing Java
23 A Planning Approach for Reassigning Virtual Machines in IaaS Clouds Cloud Computing Java
24 Efficient Retrieval Over Documents Encrypted by Attributes in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Java
25 A Key-Policy Attribute-Based Temporary Keyword Search scheme for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing Java
26 VMGuard: A VMI-based Security Architecture for Intrusion Detection in Cloud Environment Cloud Computing Java
27 A Two-stage Biomedical Event Trigger Detection Method Integrating Feature Selection and Word Embeddings DATA MINING Java
28 Automated Phrase Mining from Massive Text Corpora DATA MINING Java
29 A Two-Phase Algorithm for Differentially Private Frequent Subgraph Mining DATA MINING Java
30 Search Result Diversity Evaluation based on Intent Hierarchies DATA MINING Java
31 Emotion Recognition on Twitter: Comparative Study and Training a Unison Model DATA MINING Java
32 Supervised Topic Modeling using Hierarchical Dirichlet Process-based Inverse Regression: Experiments on E-Commerce Applications DATA MINING Java
33 Bayesian Nonparametric Learning for Hierarchical and Sparse Topics DATA MINING Java
34 Comments Mining With TF-IDF: The Inherent Bias and Its Removal DATA MINING Java
35 A Correlation-based Feature Weighting Filter for Naive Bayes DATA MINING Java
36 A Weighted Frequent Itemset Mining Algorithm for Intelligent Decision in Smart Systems DATA MINING Java
37 An Efficient Method for High Quality and Cohesive Topical Phrase Mining DATA MINING Java
38 Complementary Aspect-based Opinion Mining DATA MINING Java
39 Discovering Canonical Correlations between Topical and Topological Information in Document Networks DATA MINING Java
40 Document Summarization for Answering Non-Factoid Queries DATA MINING Java
41 Efficient Vertical Mining of High Average-Utility Itemsets based on Novel Upper-Bounds DATA MINING Java
42 Fast Cosine Similarity Search in Binary Space with Angular Multi-index Hashing DATA MINING Java
43 Frequent Itemsets Mining with Differential Privacy over Large-scale Data DATA MINING Java
44 Fuzzy Bag-of-Words Model for Document Representation DATA MINING Java
45 Highlighter: automatic highlighting of electronic learning documents DATA MINING Java
46 Online Product Quantization DATA MINING Java
47 Predicting Contextual Informativeness for Vocabulary Learning DATA MINING Java
48 Range-based Nearest Neighbor Queries with Complex-shaped Obstacles DATA MINING Java
49 Reverse k Nearest Neighbor Search over Trajectories DATA MINING Java
50 Selective Database Projections Based Approach for Mining High-Utility Itemsets DATA MINING Java
51 Web Media and Stock Markets : A Survey and Future Directions from a Big Data Perspective DATA MINING Java
52 Collective List-Only Entity Linking: A Graph-Based Approach DATA MINING Java
53 Entity Linking: A Problem to Extract Corresponding Entity with Knowledge Base DATA MINING Java
54 Principal Component Analysis Based Filtering for Scalable, High Precision k-NN Search DATA MINING Java
55 Efficient Fine-Grained Data Sharing Mechanism for Electronic Medical Record Systems with Mobile Devices SECURE COMPUTING Java
56 Magic Train: Design of Measurement Methods Against Bandwidth Inflation Attacks SECURE COMPUTING Java
57 A Network Coding and DES Based Dynamic Encryption Scheme for Moving Target Defense CYBERSECURITY Java
58 CoDetect: Financial Fraud Detection with Anomaly Feature Detection CYBERSECURITY Java
59 Credit card fraud detection using AdaBoost and majority voting CYBERSECURITY Java
60 Selfish Decentralized Computation Offloading for Mobile Cloud Computing in Dense Wireless Networks MOBILE COMPUTING Java
61 Service Provisioning in Mobile Environments through Opportunistic Computing MOBILE COMPUTING Java
62 Traffic-Aware Efficient Mapping of Wireless Body Area Networks to Health Cloud Service Providers in Critical Emergency Situations MOBILE COMPUTING Java
63 Semantic-based Compound Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data SERVICE COMPUTING Java
64 Quality and Profit Assured Trusted Cloud Federation Formation: Game Theory Based Approach SERVICE COMPUTING Java
65 Optimizing Autonomic Resources for the Management of Large Service-Based Business Processes SERVICE COMPUTING Java
66 Scheduling Inter-Datacenter Video Flows for Cost Efficiency SERVICE COMPUTING Java
67 Lightweight Fine-Grained Search over Encrypted Data in Fog Computing SERVICE COMPUTING Java
68 SEPDP: Secure and Efficient Privacy Preserving Provable Data Possession in Cloud Storage SERVICE COMPUTING Java
69 Migration Modeling and Learning Algorithms for Containers in Fog Computing SERVICE COMPUTING Java
70 Multi-user Multi-task Computation Offloading in Green Mobile Edge Cloud Computing SERVICE COMPUTING Java
71 Achieving Fairness-aware Two-level Scheduling for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems SERVICE COMPUTING Java
72 FraudFind: Financial Fraud Detection by Analyzing Human Behavior INFORMATION AND SECURITY SYSTEMS Java
73 FraudVis: Understanding Unsupervised Fraud Detection Algorithms INFORMATION AND SECURITY SYSTEMS Java
74 Machine Learning Applied to Rotating Check Fraud Detection INFORMATION AND SECURITY SYSTEMS Java
75 Random Forest for Credit Card Fraud Detection INFORMATION AND SECURITY SYSTEMS Java
76 Exploring Feature Coupling and Model Coupling for Image Source Identification INFORMATION FORENSIC SECURITY Java
77 Supervised and Unsupervised Aspect Category Detection for Sentiment Analysis With Co-Occurrence Data INFORMATION FORENSIC SECURITY Java
78 Towards Shared Ownership in the Cloud INFORMATION FORENSIC SECURITY Java
79 Analyzing and Detecting Money-Laundering Accounts in Online Social Networks NETWORK,SOCIAL NETWORK Java
80 Shared Predictive Cross-Modal Deep Quantization NETWORK,SOCIAL NETWORK Java
81 3-HBP: A Three-Level Hidden Bayesian Link Prediction Model in Social Networks NETWORK,SOCIAL NETWORK Java
82 A Meta Path based Method for Entity Set Expansion in Knowledge Graph BIG DATA Java
83 Towards Green Cloud Computing: Demand Allocation and Pricing Policies for Cloud Service Brokerage BIG DATA Java
84 RRPhish Anti-Phishing via Mining Brand Resources Request CONSUMER ELECTRONICS,INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Java
85 Confidence-interval Fuzzy Model-based Indoor Localization CONSUMER ELECTRONICS,INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS Java
86 A Data Mining based Model for Detection of Fraudulent Behaviour in Water Consumption INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM Java
87 Detecting Regions of Maximal Divergence for Spatio-Temporal Anomaly Detection PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE Java
88 Ordinal Constraint Binary Coding for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search PATTERN ANALYSIS AND MACHINE INTELLIGENCE Java
89 Reviving Sequential Program Birthmarking for Multithreaded Software Plagiarism Detection SOFTWARE ENGINEERING,COMPUTER GRAPHICS Java
90 EVA: Visual Analytics to Identify Fraudulent Events SOFTWARE ENGINEERING,COMPUTER GRAPHICS Java
1 Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for Cybersecurity AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
2 How Data-Driven Entrepreneur Analyzes Imperfect Information for Business Opportunity Evaluation AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
3 Image Reconstruction Is a New Frontier of Machine Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
4 Predicting the Top-N popular videos via a cross-domain hybrid model AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
5 Robust Malware Detection for Internet Of (Battlefield) Things Devices Using Deep Eigenspace Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
6 Toward Better Statistical Validation of Machine Learning-Based Multimedia Quality Estimators AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
8 Review of the Use of AI Techniques in Serious Games: Decision-Making and Machine AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
9 Personalized affective feedback to address students’ frustration in ITS AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
10 A Bi-objective Hyper-Heuristic Support Vector Machines for Big Data Cyber-Security AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
11 Data Analytics Approach to the Cybercrime Underground Economy AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
12 Achieving Data Truthfulness and Privacy Preservation in Data Markets AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
13 Designing Cyber Insurance Policies: The Role of Pre-Screening and Security Interdependence AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
14 Smart bears don't talk to strangers: Analysing privacy concerns and technical solutions in smart toys for children AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
15 Price-based Resource Allocation for Edge Computing: A Market Equilibrium Approach AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
16 Data-Driven Design of Fog Computing aided Process Monitoring System for Large-Scale Industrial Processes AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
17 Fog-Aided Verifiable Privacy Preserving Access Control for Latency-Sensitive Data Sharing in Vehicular Cloud Computing AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
18 Efficient Vertical Mining of High Average-Utility Itemsets based on Novel Upper-Bounds AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
19 RTSense: Providing Reliable Trust-Based Crowdsensing Services in CVCC AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
20 Machine Learning Cryptanalysis of a Quantum Random Number Generator AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
21 Secure Distributed Computing with Straggling Servers Using Polynomial Codes AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
22 Assessing the effectiveness of riparian restoration projects using Landsat and precipitation data from the cloud-computing application ClimateEngine.org AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
23 Auto-Weighted Multi-view Learning for Image Clustering and Semi-supervised Classification AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
24 Detecting Spammer Groups from Product Reviews: A Partially Supervised Learning Model AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
25 Evaluating Insider Threat DetectionWorkflow Using Supervised and Unsupervised Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
26 Leveraging Unlabelled Data for Emotion Recognition with Enhanced Collaborative Semi-Supervised Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
27 Link Weight Prediction Using Supervised Learning Methods and Its Application to Yelp Layered Network AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
28 Max-Margin Deep Generative Models for (Semi-)Supervised Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
29 Multi-Traffic Scene Perception Based on Supervised Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
30 Predicting Microblog Sentiments via Weakly Supervised Multi-Modal Deep Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
31 Residential Household Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring via Graph-Based Multi-Label Semi-Supervised Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
32 Self Paced Deep Learning for Weakly Supervised Object Detection AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
33 Self-Taught Low-Rank Coding for Visual Learning AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
34 Semi-Supervised Autoencoders for Speech Emotion Recognition AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
35 Semi-Supervised Learning Through Label Propagation on Geodesics AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
36 Spectral Learning for Supervised Topic Models AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
37 Webly-supervised Fine-grained Visual AI - MACHINE LEARNING (ML) Python
39 Deep Logic Networks: Inserting and Extracting Knowledge From Deep Belief Networks AI - DEEP LEARNING Python
40 Derin Ö˘grenmeyle Bir Foto˘grafın Yerini Bulma Finding Location of A Photograph with Deep Learning Python AI - DEEP LEARNING
41 Learning for Personalised Medicine: A Comprehensive Review from Deep Learning Perspective AI - DEEP LEARNING Python
42 Person Reidentification via Structural Deep Metric Learning AI - DEEP LEARNING Python
43 Self-Paced Prioritized Curriculum Learning With Coverage Penalty in Deep Reinforcement Learning AI - DEEP LEARNING Python
44 Characterizing and Predicting Early Reviewers for Effective Product Marketing on E-Commerce Websites AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP ) Python
45 Bag-of-Discriminative-Words (BoDW) Representation via Topic Modeling AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP ) Python
46 Weakly-supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP ) Python
47 QuantCloud: Enabling Big Data Complex Event Processing for Quantitative Finance through a Data-Driven Execution AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP ) Python
48 Automatic Generation of News Comments Based on Gated Attention Neural Networks AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP ) Python
49 Black-box Generation of Adversarial Text Sequences to Evade Deep Learning Classifiers AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP ) Python
50 BreakingNews: Article Annotation by Image and Text Processing AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
51 Convolutional Neural Network with Pair-Wise Pure Dependence for Sentence Classification AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
52 Detecting Android Malware Leveraging Text Semantics of Network Flows AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
53 Identifying Student Difficulty in a Digital Learning Environment AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
54 Research on Deep Learning Techniques in Breaking Text-based Captchas and Designing Image-based Captcha AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
55 Rich Short Text Conversation Using Semantic Key Controlled Sequence Generation AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
56 Synthetic Social Media Data Generation AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
57 Learning to Extract Action Descriptions fromNarrative Text AI - NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING ( NLP )Python
58 Exploratory Visual Sequence Mining Based on Pattern-Growth AI - VISION (IMAGE PROCESSING)Python
59 E-assessment using image processing in ∞Exams AI - VISION (IMAGE PROCESSING)Python
60 A CNN-based Framework for Comparison of Contactless to Contact-based Fingerprints AI - VISION (IMAGE PROCESSING)Python
61 Moving Object Detection from a Moving Stereo Camera via Depth Information and Visual Odometry AI - VISION (IMAGE PROCESSING)Python
62 Recolored Image Detection via a Deep Discriminative Model AI - VISION (IMAGE PROCESSING)Python
1 FastGeo: Efficient Geometric Range Queries on Encrypted Spatial Data Security Computing DOT NET
2 Fuzzy Identity-Based Data Integrity Auditing for Reliable Cloud Storage Systems Security Computing DOT NET
3 Privacy Protection based Access Control Scheme in Cloud-based Services Cloud Computing DOT NET
4 Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories Cloud Computing DOT NET
5 Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range Queries with Privacy Preserving Information Forensics and Security DOT NET
6 Twitter Trends Manipulation: A First Look Inside the Security of Twitter Trending Information Forensics and Security DOT NET
7 TAFC: Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control on Time-Sensitive Data in Public Cloud Service Computing DOT NET
8 Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration Service Computing DOT NET
9 Temporal task scheduling with constrained service delay for profit maximization in hybrid clouds Data Engineering DOT NET
10 Explaining Missing Answers to Top-k SQL Queries Data Engineering DOT NET
11 Designing High Performance Web-Based Computing Services to Promote Telemedicine Database Management System Data Engineering DOT NET
12 Continuous Top-k Monitoring on Document Streams Data Engineering DOT NET
13 Generating Query Facets using Knowledge Bases Data Engineering DOT NET
14 Query Reorganization Algorithms for Efficient Boolean Information Filtering Data Engineering DOT NET
15 Catch You if You Misbehave: Ranked Keyword Search Results Verification in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing DOT NET
16 Customer-Satisfaction-Aware Optimal Multiserver Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing Cloud Computing DOT NET
17 Dynamic-Hash-Table Based Public Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing DOT NET
18 Enabling Semantic Search based on Conceptual Graphs over Encrypted Outsourced Data Cloud Computing DOT NET
19 Graph Encryption for Top-K Nearest Keyword Search Queries on Cloud Cloud Computing DOT NET
20 Keyword Search with Access Control over Encrypted Cloud Data Cloud Computing DOT NET
21 MMBcloud-tree: Authenticated Index for Verifiable Cloud Service Selection Cloud Computing DOT NET
22 Privacy Protection Based Access Control Scheme in Cloud-Based Services Cloud Computing DOT NET
23 Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Top-k Similarity Search Over Encrypted Data Cloud Computing DOT NET
24 Privacy-Preserving Smart Semantic Search Based on Conceptual Graphs Over Encrypted Outsourced Data Cloud Computing DOT NET
25 SeDaSC: Secure Data Sharing in Clouds Cloud Computing
26 Strong Key-Exposure Resilient Auditing for Secure Cloud Storage Cloud Computing DOT NET
27 TAFC: Time and Attribute Factors Combined Access Control for TimeSensitive Data in Public Cloud Cloud Computing DOT NET
28 User Differentiated Verifiable File Search on the Cloud Cloud Computing DOT NET
29 VPSearch: Achieving Verifiability for Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Search over Encrypted Cloud Data Cloud Computing DOT NET
30 A Multi-Agent Advanced Traveler Information System for Optimal Trip Planning in a Co-Modal Framework Data Mining DOT NET
31 Continuous Top-k Monitoring on Document Streams Data Mining DOT NET
32 Detecting Stress Based on Social Interactions in Social Networks Data Mining DOT NET
33 Dynamic Facet Ordering for Faceted Product Search Engines Data Mining DOT NET
34 Efficient Keyword-aware Representative Travel Route Recommendation Data Mining DOT NET
35 Filtering out Infrequent Behavior from Business Process Event Logs Data Mining DOT NET
36 GALLOP: GlobAL feature fused Location Prediction for Different Checkin Scenarios Data Mining DOT NET
37 Generating Query Facets using Knowledge Bases Data Mining DOT NET
38 Influence Maximization in Trajectory Databases Data Mining DOT NET
39 Query Reorganisation Algorithms for Efficient Boolean Information Filtering Data Mining DOT NET
1 Using Screen Brightness to Improve Security in Mobile Social Network Access SECURE COMPUTING Android
2 Security Analysis of Smartphone and Cloud Computing Authentication Frameworks and Protocols SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
3 PersonaIA: A Lightweight Implicit Authentication System based on Customized User Behavior Selection SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
4 Online Learning Classifier based Behavioral Biometric Authentication(secure computing) SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
5 A novel and Secure Smart Parking Management System (SPMS) based on integration of WSN, RFID, and IoT INTERNET OF THINGSAndroid
6 An Intelligent Car Park Management System : Hierarchical Placement Algorithm Based on Nearest Location INTERNET OF THINGSAndroid
7 Exploring New Authentication Protocols for Sensitive Data Protection on Smartphones MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
8 ETAP: Energy-Efficient and Traceable Authentication Protocol in Mobile Medical Cloud Architecture MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
9 I-Am: Implicitly Authenticate Me Person Authentication on Mobile Devices Through Ear Shape and Arm Gesture(secure) MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
10 Nonintrusive Smartphone User Verification Using Anonymized Multimodal Data DATA MINING,INFORMATION FORENSIC SECURITYAndroid
11 Performance Analysis of Multi-Motion Sensor Behavior for Active Smartphone Authentication DATA MINING,INFORMATION FORENSIC SECURITYAndroid
12 Privacy-preserving Smart Parking Navigation Supporting Efficient Driving Guidance Retrieval VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGYAndroid
13 A Lightweight Secure Data Sharing Scheme for Mobile Cloud Computing CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
14 Cooperative Query Answer Authentication Scheme over Anonymous Sensing Data CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
15 Knowledge-Enhanced Mobile Video Broadcasting (KMV-Cast) Framework with Cloud Support CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
16 Who Moved My Data? Privacy Protection in Smartphones CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
17 Searching Trajectories by Regions of Interest DATA MININGAndroid
19 FogRoute: DTN-based Data Dissemination Model in Fog Computing DATA MININGAndroid
20 robot assisitant in managements of diabetes in children based on the internet of things DATA MININGAndroid
21 Performance Analysis of Mobile Data Offloading in Heterogeneous Networks MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
22 ShakeIn: Secure User Authentication of Smartphones with Habitual Single-handed Shakes MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
23 ZapDroid: Managing Infrequently Used Applications on Smartphones MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
24 Construction and Mitigation of User-Behavior-Based Covert Channels on Smartphones MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
25 Privacy-Preserving Location-Proximity for Mobile Apps NETWORKINGAndroid
26 From Social Group Utility Maximization to Personalized Location Privacy in Mobile networks NETWORKINGAndroid
27 Buy your Coffee with Bitcoin: Real-World Deployment of a Bitcoin Point of Sale Terminal SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
28 Efficient and Privacy-preserving Min and k-th Min Computations in Mobile Sensing Systems SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
29 A Classroom Scheduling Service for Smart Classes SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
30 Modeling restaurant context for food recognition MULTIMEDIAAndroid
31 Monet: A User-oriented Behavior-based Malware Variants Detection System for Android INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITYAndroid
32 multi-modal description of public safety events using surveillance and social media BIG DATAAndroid
33 SEMS)Designing a Secure Exam Management System (SEMS) for M-Learning Environments SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
34 A Cloud-Based Smart-Parking System Based on Internet-of-Things Technologies SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
35 (Pass BYOP)Bring Your Own Picture for Securing Graphical Passwords SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
36 Optimizing User Experience in Choosing Android Applications SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
37 (Bio Authencation) Authnetication of smartphone using Behavioural biometrics SECURE COMPUTINGAndroid
38 WORAL: A Witness Oriented Secure LocationProvenance Framework for Mobile Devices TRANSACTIONS ON EMERGING TOPICS IN COMPUTINGAndroid
39 HMOG: New Behavioral Biometric Features for Continuous Authentication of Smartphone Users TRANSACTIONS ON EMERGING TOPICS IN COMPUTINGAndroid
40 Understanding Smarphone sensor and app data for enhancing the security of secret questions MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
41 ShakeUnlock: Securely Transfer Authentication States Between Mobile Devices MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
42 One-Round Privacy-Preserving Meeting Location Determination for Smartphone Applications MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
43 Performance Analysis of Touch-Interaction Behavior for Active Smartphone Authentication MOBILE COMPUTINGAndroid
44 Context Awareness Location-based Android Application for Tracking Purposes in Assisted Living MULTIMEDIAAndroid
45 Adapting to User Interest Drift for POI Recommendation MULTIMEDIAAndroid
46 A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-based Encryption Access Control Method for Mobile Cloud Computing CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
47 SemanticSLAM: Using Environment Landmarks for Unsupervised Indoor Localization CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
48 Developing Apps for visually imapired people: Lessons learned from social network CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
49 FoodForCare: An Android Application for Self-Care with Healthy Food CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
50 SecureRun: Cheat-Proof and Private Summaries for Location-Based Activities CLOUD COMPUTINGAndroid
51 (Geo Authentication)An exploration of geographic authentication schemes INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITYAndroid
52 (LSS)Privacr preserving location sharing services for social networks SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
53 (STAMP) Enabling privacy preserving location proof for mobile users. SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
54 Safe tourister)Efficient privacy preserving location based query over outsourced encrypted data SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
55 (ALMSS) Design of secure location and message sharing system for android platform SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
56 Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Mobile Users’ Geographical Locations SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
57 (ISS)Intelligent hands free speech based SMS sytem on android SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
58 Read 2 Me:A cloud based reading aid for visually impaired SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
59 (Ask-a-Doctor) Mobile cloud support for sementic enriched speech recognition in social care SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
60 KISS: Knowing Camera Prototype System for Recognizing and Annotating Places-of-Interest SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
61 Mobile Cloud Support for Semantic-enriched Speech Recognition in Social Care SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
62 MobiGoal: Flexible Achievement of Personal Goals for Mobile Users SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid
63 Cross-modal Correlation Learning by Adaptive Hierarchical Semantic Aggregation SERVICE COMPUTINGAndroid

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